Harmonium Foundations Weekend Course

Unveil the enchanting world of harmonium and chanting as you embark on a melodic expedition with our Harmonium Fundamentals Weekend Course, led by the wonderful Felicia Walker. Join us on the 13th and 14th of April at the Alchemy Studio in Munich for an immersive experience in the art of harmonium playing and mantra chanting.

Your Harmonium Journey Begins: Ready to explore the soothing realm of harmonium music and mantra chanting? Our Harmonium Fundamentals Weekend Course is perfect to provide beginners with a solid foundation in harmonium playing and the transformative power of mantras. Under the guidance of Felicia Walker, you'll delve into:


  • Introduction to the Harmonium: Uncover the unique and versatile nature of the harmonium. Explore its components, mechanics, and the art of creating soul-stirring melodies.
  • Indian Scale Mastery: Immerse yourself in the sounds of the Indian scale. Learn the skills to navigate the scale on the harmonium, harmonizing with your voice.
  • Essential Chords: Unlock the secrets of essential chords that add depth to your musical expressions. Dive into the techniques of playing these chords on the harmonium.
  • The Art of Mantra Chanting: Experience the profound connection between sound and spirituality. Learn to sing beginner-friendly mantras, carefully chosen and explained in each lesson.

Your Harmonium Journey Unfolds: Throughout the Harmonium Fundamentals Weekend Course, progress through a thoughtfully structured curriculum. From the basics to intricate techniques, witness your skills flourish and your understanding of harmonium and mantras deepen.

By the course's culmination, possess a robust foundation to explore the harmonium's resonant tones and the transformative energy of mantras. Are you ready to begin your harmonium and mantra journey? 

Details: 9-16h, April 13/14, Munich Alchemy Studio, 500 EUR


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