Sounding Enjoyment, Singing Sweetness - Our Natural Voice

Let us dance, sing, and feel free and joyful.

Today I want to share about a topic that is so present very often in trainings, sessions and conversations. The natural sound of our beatitful vessel, our own sining sound.

Many of us connect to the Alchemy crystal singing bowls, with their ethereal tones and harmonious vibrations, serve as potent reminders of the beauty and power of sound. As these "singing" bowls share sound, they evoke within us a deep connection to the essence of sound and expression. 

Just as these crystal bowls resonate with clarity and purity, our own voices hold the potential for profound expression and healing. Yet, many of us carry beliefs that inhibit our voice expression, singing sound, sounding enjoyment. This journey invites us to shed these limitations and reconnect with the authenticity of our natural voice. Together, we will celebrate the joy of singing and the profound impact it has on our inner landscape and the world around us.

The voice is an expression of our spirit and character, intertwining with the fundamental elements of nature and the rhythms of the universe. It mirrors our internal energies, and as we delve into our innermost realms, our voice becomes a conduit for higher energies, transforming through the process of change.

Many people have shared that they think they cannot sing, that they do not like their voice. Sometime in their lives, a teacher, parent, partner, or child may have said their voice isn't beautiful. Many of us shape the belief that our voice isn't beautiful, that we cannot sing, adding another layer on top of many things we think we cannot do and that expressing our true nature might not be safe or welcome in this world. This belief manifests in the mind and eventually even in the body, altering our voice. It's not singular or simple, but let's keep it simple today.

Here we are thinking we cannot sing, that we need to improve our voice before we can sing, that we need skills before we can sing. Perhaps we enjoy singing secretly in the safe cocoon of a hot shower, where the sound of running water ensures no one, not even ourselves, hears our singing, but it feels good. Maybe we stopped deepening our awareness and belief around unworthiness of expression and lack of beauty, rejecting our singing voice altogether.

All is well. There's nothing to worry about; our true sound, our natural voice, is still here.

Here are a few questions to contemplate:

  • When did you enjoy singing the most? Go back until you find the time when it brought joy.
  • Why do we always think we have to be perfect at something, even when we are just starting? Why do we think we have to be perfect to share something with the world?
  • Why do we enjoy listening to another person's singing?
  • When do you feel touched by another person's singing?

Let me share a personal experience from last year. I attended a show where there were two performances back-to-back. The first was by a professionally trained opera singer with years of experience, and the second was by an artistic person with minimal vocal training, simply expressing her heart. The first performance was good, but during the second one, I cried the whole time, deeply touched and moved by the beauty of her heart! For me, what I share is no longer about perfection but about how I can touch others' hearts, connect, bring healing, and love. Perfection rarely touches us deeply; it's the imperfect perfection of sacred nature that resonates.

There is nothing to aim for with our voice other than being true and showing our heart.

Instead of aiming for perfection, let us find ways to reconnect with our natural voice, the true sound of our vessel, the voice we were born with, before life happened and altered our expression.

Discovering our natural pitch, projected from the "mask" – the area from the nose bridge to the upper throat – is crucial. Speaking from the mask renders the voice more flexible, imbuing it with expressiveness and warmth. This approach broadens the voice's range, power, and ability to resonate, creating profound responses in others.

Each voice embodies a unique personality that defines an individual's character. Every voice has two predominant pitch levels: the natural pitch level and the habitual pitch level. Misuse of the voice occurs when these two pitches diverge, whether too high or too low.

To harness the full potential of our voices, we must develop and enhance our natural voice frequency. In Western society, unnatural habitual voices often emerge, especially in professional settings where a deepened voice is associated with authority. Such alterations, however, strain the vocal mechanisms.

Each voice carries a voice image, representing the sound we either embrace or reject. This image, shaped by cultural influences, is distinct from vocal abilities. Learning to use the voice from a metaphysical perspective is the key to unveiling our true identity and transforming our energy and lives. Understanding the untapped potential of our natural voice is essential.

The healing capacity of the human voice, recognized by ancient philosophers like Pythagoras, is a shared belief across diverse cultures. Shamanic traditions used spirit language to commune with higher intelligences, extracting remedies. The Huichal Indians, attuned to the frequency of consciousness, used sound to restore health during illnesses.

This is a side note and I might share more about it another time - why do we always think we need to be perfect when we begin something new, why do we always think we have to know how everything goes and be immediately skillful in it and why do we always thing we have to be perfect in something before we can share it??? How did we came to that? Isn’t it beautiful to be imperfect? We are so imperfect anyways… abundantly imperfect.

It's beautiful to be imperfect. We are abundantly imperfect.

Instead of aiming for a perfect voice, let us shed the shades of shame and unsupportive beliefs and enjoy our voices blossoming into their natural beingness. Invite tender care. Attune to the joy of being alive.

Returning to our natural voice and the joy of singing doesn’t have to happen overnight. It's a process to be enjoyed, to be embraced. Today, make the commitment that nothing and no one (including yourself) will ever diminish the beauty of your voice again! Embrace the abundance that comes with expressing it.


Trust that with increased resonance, our voice draws upon our subtle bodies and spiritual essence, uniting them with our physical form. Over time, our instrument will become more refined, without any thought of perfection, much like a flower blossoms in the light.

So I invite you to sing, enjoy singing, and allow the dance of your voice to circle into dimensions that bring healing to you and the world around you. And to whoever said you couldn't sing – thank you. I am returning now to my healing instrument, my vibrating vessel, to bring more balance and harmony to my being. We can begin today, and it will become so much fun. 

Sounding enjoyment, singing sweetness - attuning to the may frequency of inner abundance. 

I hope this inspires you to contemplate on your relationship to your voice, to enjoy more your sound, and to share with others the healing vibration. 

The Bowls are amazing band members to support us, mantra can be the tool so reconnect to the love of our voice. 

If you feel inspired to go deeper on this journey - the Sacred Sounds - Nada Yoga  + Meditation Training is an invitation to explore more the subtle vibration of all sounding and I am also so excited to share that we will host a very special and dear to my heart happening in December the Bhakti Immersion - Kirtan, Mantra and Bhajan. The Sign Up is now possible. 

Sending you all the LOVE, may your day be blessed! 


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