About us

About us

The Alchemy Sound Studio Ethos
Everything is frequency. At our simplest form, we are atoms moving at high vibrational rate through time and space, and with every thought wave, feeling and emotion, our frequency fluctuates. As our frequency fluctuates our vibrations begin to attract a corresponding energy of experience. This is what we call life and it all starts with the our beliefs, stories and emotions deep within. To touch the inner depths of our subconscious requires deep relaxation of the conscious mind and our melodic crystal sound baths provides this peace, as each is tuned to a corresponding resonance in the body. The high frequency resonance of each crystal bowl has the healing power to calm the nervous system, relax the body and ease the mind which slowly begins to heal and unravel our deepest subconscious thoughts and emotions.

The intention of Alchemy Sound Studio is to offer access to the healing power of sound and by providing a curation of the highest quality crystal bowls and sacred sound healing ceremonies, we believe everyone can experience the deep healing and transformation these sacred vessels can create.

Devotion and Transformation

Alchemy Sound Studio is a sanctuary space devoted to sharing the healing power of sound, meditation and connection with the world. Through the curation of sacred crystal bowls, rejuvenating sound baths and educational workshops, our purpose is to serve our community on the deepest level to provide transformational healing and deeper connection.

Sacred Sound since 2014

Alchemy Sound Studio was founded by Irina Sterna, a longtime sound practitioner with a passion to share the transformative beauty of high frequency sound with the world. Her devotion to the art inspired her to bring crystal sound bowls to the her home country of Germany. As her community grew, a sacred space was created to showcase a vast collection of crystal bowls, host rejuvenating sound baths and facilitate educational workshops to share her knowledge with others.

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