Crystal Singing Bowl Viewing

Our Intention is to support you on your Journey to find your Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl or your Set of Bowls. Our passion is to share Sound, to guide you to connect to your Singing Bowl, to your Sound and share our knowledge with you so that you feel inspired to dive deeper on that journey.

Do you feel drawn to these beautiful bowls or sound healing? Or maybe you already have a singing bowl or a set of alchemy crystal singing bowls and would like to find a match? Then we warmly invite you to come to visit our alchemy studio to play and listen to the bowls and find the alchemy crystal singing bowl that is perfect for you. The bowls are very different and unique with their own personalities, tones, frequencies and elements.

We offer you only crystal bowls which we personally selected from Crystal Tones®. They are all made from Quartz Crystal that is 99.999% pure and infused with precious gemstones and minerals. That is the reason why they are called alchemy - a mix of elements.

If you are interested we would love to welcome you and tell you more about it and also help you to connect to your sound bowl. In our studio we have always a collection of at 50 alchemy crystal singing bowls for you.

Our viewings are free. You can come in person to our studio in Munich or we can schedule a virtual viewing via video (Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime).



Message or Call: +4915146447210