Investing in Alchemy Bowls | Trusting in Yourself

The Sound Portal to Abundance Begins Here✨

Embarking on the journey of sound healing is more than a step into harmonic resonance; it's a profound pathway to abundance. Overcoming the initial fear of investing and trusting in the process becomes the first healing lesson, a portal through contraction into more abundant ways of feeling and thinking. 🚀

Your Investment: A Practical Example Let's break it down further. Suppose you invest in a set of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls for 7k. If you conduct two sound baths per month, each with ten participants paying 30 Euros, within a year, you can recoup this investment. Here's the math:

  • 2 Sound Baths/Month * 30 Euros/Participant * 10 Participants = 600 Euros/per month
  • 600 Euros/Month * 12 Months = 7.200 Euros/Year

And imagine this are only two Sound Baths per month! Which really isnt a lot - so now think you will probably get request to play for events, play for others privately… so many opportunities will open up! 

Regular sound baths with Authentic Alchemy Bowls not only enhance the vibrational experience but also connect you deeply to the frequency of beauty and abundance, weaving into the very fabric of your DNA. We have seen many clients and students who never thought they would do this investment or felt challenged in the beginning and now even cannot think to not have the Bowls in their lives! It is not only about the investment but also really taking the leap, trusting, showing the universe that your trust in that whisper of your heart and that it is possible to share Sound Baths and Healing everyday! 

In just six months, our founder Irina realized that the 10k investment for her first 3 Alchemy Bowls had already returned to her, even though she never really thought about it in the beginning - it returned so much faster than she ever would have imagined! The Sound Portal to Abundance is real and open💚 If you've been contemplating to take the leap and start sharing Sound Healing, now is the time to follow your heart! 🌈

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