Sound Infused Water

Structured water, characterized by a crystalline-like molecular pattern, is a concept harnessed through the use of Crystal Bowls. Marcel Vogel and Norman Mikesell's research revealed that healthy tissue in the body tends to exhibit a more liquid crystalline nature than unhealthy tissue. Creating structured water with Crystal Bowls involves intention-setting and specific steps:

  1. Intention-Setting: Begin by forming the intention that you are an abundant being and that the water will be structured. This intentional aspect adds a vibrational quality to the process.

  2. Choice of Alchemy Bowl: Select your Alchemy for this purpose. A 9" clear Bowl is recommended, although some practitioners may prefer a 12" Bowl. The choice often depends on personal preference.

  3. Water Preparation: Fill the selected Bowl approximately one-third full with distilled water. Before initiating the process, ensure the inside of the Bowl near the top is dry.

  4. Sound Activation: Sound the Crystal Bowl, allowing its vibrations to permeate the water. The vibrational waves create an effervescent effect, transforming the water into liquid crystal.

  5. Observation: Observe the water closely as the sound activates its restructuring. The molecular organization into a crystalline pattern becomes apparent during this process.

  6. Consumption: Once the water has been structured, it is ready for consumption. Drinking this charged water allows the energy waves of the sound to have the desired effect on the body.

Norman Mikesell's ongoing research, along with the foundational work by Marcel Vogel, involves testing structured water through methods like spectro-analysis and surface tension measurement. The findings suggest that Crystal Bowls can play a role in transforming non-structured water into a structured state, potentially influencing the water's properties in a way that aligns with the principles of vibrational healing.

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