Toning | Sounding into the Universe

Toning, a practice rooted in ancient traditions, is a method of releasing sounds from within to promote healing and self-balancing. It has evolved into a natural way of self-healing, offering cleansing benefits that make one feel wholesome and prepared for the day ahead.

The practice of toning can be incorporated into daily routines, such as after a bath or shower or before meditation. It involves standing tall or sitting comfortably, centering oneself, clearing the mind, and allowing tones to flow during exhalation. Toning can be a simple yet profound practice, releasing negativities and promoting overall well-being.

Here's a step-by-step guide to toning:

  1. Preparation: Stand tall or sit comfortably, center yourself, and clear your mind.

  2. Deep Breath: Take a deep breath, and during the exhalation, allow a tone to flow through you for as long as the breath lasts.

  3. Repeat: Repeat the process until you feel there is no more to release.

  4. Visualization: Enhance the quality of sound by using color visualization. Place a hand on the sore spot and visualize any color that comes to mind. Alternatively, move up the chakra ladder with colors, releasing any emotions that surface.

  5. Individual Expression: Be yourself; you don't have to use a specific scale. Allow the notes to sound forth naturally, providing exactly what your body needs at the moment.

Toning can also be combined with Crystal Bowls. You can use Jonathan Goldman's ladder, starting with the deepest, lowest-note Bowl to ground yourself. Continue with your own tones, ending with the deepest tone to re-ground.

The vibrations generated by toning are felt throughout the body, touching every fiber of your being, balancing your energy system, and tuning your "orchestra" for the entire day. As your sound travels into the Universe, it may touch others in a healing way, creating a comforting connection.

Toning is not a new concept; it has been part of Hindu Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years. This ancient practice involves using mantras and vowels to balance and align the chakras. The use of your own voice allows for specificity in resonant frequencies, making the healing process more personalized and effective. Whether done individually or in healing sessions, toning offers a powerful way to connect with the vibrational essence within and around us.

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