What does morph actually mean? It is not about fixing a broken alchemy crystal bowl or having a bowl with a scratch repaired.

It is far more than that. It is a philosophy. It is the path of healing, morph alchemies carry the frequency of healing of perfection through imperfection.

The essence of morph alchemy is the practice of focusing one's intention on life's hidden beauty and power. In the case it's about the power of transforming broken alchemy singing bowl into even more powerful and beautiful bowls.

If such astounding healing and beauty can emerge from the shards of a shattered alchemy bowl, could a similar transformation also be possible with the parts of us we believe are shattered beyond repair?


Morph teaches us to see beauty in the incomplete and value in simplicity, celebrate imperfections and that as human beings, imperfections are inevitable, whether in appearance, character or actions. Learning to accept our flaws is a process that will lead to a deeper sense of peace and fulfilment.

We see something is broken without any judgment. We accept things as it is. And to see the beauty in imperfection and healing.




Healing our mind and our heart from the event and transforming to something greater. The broken part will never be diminished nor disguised, it remains as a scar but as a beautiful unique design that exists only one in the world. When we can embrace all as it is without any judgment, with our heart in peace, that is the healing. We heal our inner self and outer world will be healed too.


We tend to hide our flaws, wounds, broken parts, as we are programmed to define with the negativity. But once we courageously accept the fact and embrace as they are, without adding any judgment and criticism, like lighting them up with gold, our old pain will become a shining unique form of art, which we will start cherishing. Our pain turns into love and we will become more compassionate to others too.

While the original form of the bowl has forever been destroyed, through the morph alchemy, shattered pieces are alchemized into a beautiful, thriving masterpiece.

Rumi, the great Persian poet says it this way...




Exactly this we can learn from being hurt, being broken, not remembering our wholeness. To know even in this moments that this is the path of healing, if we remember our hearts, accept the pain, the wounds, and see that there is the potential of healing, through feeling, through acceptance, and that there will always be love and compassion. That this part of us can heal, that we have the ability the power to heal ourselves no matter what.

It is a process of personal transformation. It is a technique to overcome personal trauma. 

We often push our emotional pains away, or pretend the pain is not there and we go on living. But years later, these pains emerge to surface unexpectedly in a different form perhaps. It is also known as Inner Child work. it is like finding a broken cup in pieces hidden in the back of the cupboard for many years. If you see it, it is time to deal with it. As you examine the broken pieces, see that the pain is there like a broken cup.

Gently embrace this emotion, like attaching the broken piece to the main body, bring this painful fragment part of yourself towards you, and unite with it. Imagine gluing them together and dusted with beautiful gold. You are now united with the gold patches. You see you had this event in the past, but you are united with it, it is part of you. Make you more unique, make you more beautiful, more loving, more compassionate.

The Idea of Morph is to create a new alchemy - an alchemy of healing and transformation where the essence not only survives but thrives. Its not about repairing, it is about creating a new dimension, transcending the broken parts and remembering our wholeness, our oneness, our true self. Our shattered pieces remind us and show us the path to becoming whole.

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