Guide for Online Sound Bath: Setting Up an Online Sound Bath with Zoom and DJI Mic

Creating a peaceful online sound bath experience requires careful setup and attention to details. Follow these steps to configure Zoom for optimal audio quality and integrate the DJI microphone (or any preferred microphone) to enhance your sound bath sessions.


1. Zoom Setup:

  • Update Zoom: Regularly check for updates to ensure you have the latest version for improved features and performance.

  • Audio Configuration: Open Zoom and click on the gear icon to open the settings menu. In the "Audio" tab, choose your preferred microphone (built-in or external).

2. Enabling Original Sound:

  • Advanced Settings: Click on "Advanced" within the "Audio" settings. Enable the option to "Show in-meeting option to 'Enable Original Sound' from microphone."Enable "Original Sound" and choose "High Fi" with "Reverb Suppression" (Hallunterdrückung). If using a single microphone, consider turning off stereo audio.

  • Meeting Configuration: During a meeting, enable "Original Sound On". It might be good to switch just before you begin to play the Sounds to ensure the best possible Sound quality also while speaking (Original Sound Off). 

Integration of the DJI Microphone:

3. DJI Microphone Compatibility:

  • Check Compatibility: Confirm that your DJI microphone is compatible with your computer or device. 

  • Connection: Connect the DJI microphone using the wireless connection.

4. Zoom Microphone Configuration:

  • Select DJI Microphone (or Preferred Microphone): In Zoom's "Audio" settings, choose the DJI microphone as your primary microphone.

  • Test Audio Quality: Conduct a test meeting or use Zoom's testing feature to ensure optimal audio quality. Adjust microphone levels if needed.

5. Microphone Placement and Optimization:

  • Positioning: Experiment with the placement of the DJI microphone to capture the full spectrum of sounds during your sound bath. We usually place on microphone more left and the other more right. About 30cm away from the Bowls in front of us. 

  • Explore Microphone Settings: Eventually test different DJI Microphone Settings to improve the Sound. 

Final Checks:

  • Full System Test: Conduct a test of your setup before the actual session. Play various sounds to ensure both Zoom and the DJI microphone (or your preferred microphone) are working seamlessly. 

  • Participant Test: Ask participants how they receive the sound when you play a bowl before the Sound Bath actually begins. 

Please note that while we recommend using the DJI microphone for its portability and ease of use with Bluetooth and dual senders, you can also use another microphone of your choice. 

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