Space First Concept | How do We Value our Space?

In a world dominated by the overflow of content, the question arises: How can we create space for what truly matters? We tend to assign more significance to content rather than to the space that holds it.

Look at our body, the temple of our being - are we constantly filling it with unnecessary things instead of giving it space? The reminder of the value of space, be it in the body, in nature, or in the world, is crucial. Allowing space is the key to the emergence of truly meaningful things.

Our meditation practice serves to remind us of this importance of space. Creating space, allowing room for what is authentic and essential. Space is precious because it is limited - whether it's the space in our homes or the space in this world.


What qualities should something have to gain space in your life?

It should come before doing, space before content. Otherwise, we risk overlooking the essential that arises in emptiness, in nothingness. Let's allow things to unfold and follow the path of Reiki - to where we belong, always part of the mystery of life.

Accepting things as they are and trusting that everything finds its way are central. This kind of giving space is an act of trust, a recognition that things can unfold on their own. Allowing space is also a protection against the traumatic urge to fill everything.


Questions about the Space First Concept:

  1. Do I recognize and respect space?

  2. Why are the things I desire always the things I do not have?

  3. Do the things/experiences I get fulfill me in the way that I thought they would before getting them?



  1. Write down areas of your life that are full where there should be space.

  2. Look around your home... Is it designed space-first? What changes could be made in your schedule, home, life to encourage space-first living?

  3. Practice one of the meditations mornings and evenings. Allow space for what is truly important, for the mystery of life.

To me personally choosing a beautiful, aesthetically appealing Alchemy Bowl over any other bowl aligns with the Space First Concept. This is exactly the reason why it never was a question. The visual and auditory beauty of the Alchemy Bowl not only contributes to the ambiance but also emphasizes the importance of intentional space. A bowl that resonates with your senses and adds beauty to your space ensures that you are creating an environment where the sacred can unfold, allowing the mysteries of life to reveal themselves.

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