Why Alchemy Singing Bowl Course Level 1?

This weekend is a unique opportunity to dive into the realms of the Alchemy of Sound. As we embark on this transformative journey, it becomes evident that exploring the profound world of sound intuitively is just the beginning. To truly harness the therapeutic potential of sound, it is essential to delve into the techniques, basics, and the art of sound healing. 


Introduction to Sound Healing Techniques: Understanding the techniques behind sound healing elevates the intuitive exploration of sounds. By learning the fundamentals, participants can intentionally and purposefully channel the


Understanding Alchemy, Crystal Bowls & Sound Healing

  • Gain insights into the philosophy of Alchemy, Crystal Bowls, and the art of Sound Healing.
  • Learn to ground the sound within the body.
  • Establish coherence and connection with the Alchemy Bowl.
  • Dive into the energetic properties of the elements.
  • Explore how the energies of Alchemy Bowls influence consciousness.
  • Deepen your understanding of Energetic Signatures & Frequencies.

Refining the Sound

  • Explore the concept of a sound landscape and how to create it.
  • Understand binaural sounds, chords, and triads.
  • Learn about transitions, beginnings, and endings in a sound landscape.
  • Practice singing with the singing bowls.
  • Adapt soundscapes to the mood, desired outcome, and intention.
  • Work with simple, healing, and harmonious sounds.
  • Create an acoustic sound journey with guided meditation.

Preparation for a Sound Session & Sound Baths

  • Learn the art of preparing for a sound session.
  • Enhance your playing technique with Mallet + Bowl.
  • Explore the world of Sound Healing and the subtle sounds and vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls.

This comprehensive Level 1 course is a gateway to the profound realms of alchemy, sound healing, and the transformative power of Crystal Singing Bowls. It equips participants with a solid foundation, enabling them to explore and integrate the therapeutic aspects of sound into their practice. From understanding the essence of Alchemy and Crystal Bowls to refining your soundscapes and preparing for healing sessions, this course paves the way for a deeper connection between the earthly and the divine through the harmonies of sound.

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