Rebirth · Let the Soul Fly

As we welcome the arrival of spring and the spirit of Easter, we find ourselves reflecting on the timeless wisdom that accompanies this season of renewal.
In the face of life's inevitable changes, Easter reminds us that love and life transcends the boundaries of physicality. It's a time to remember faith – to trust in aliveness of our essence, even as we navigate the uncertainties of existence, and we will leave this from one day through the portal of death. Allowing our physical form to fall asleep, to return back to Mother Earth. Life continues.
We have been here as life before birth. An eternal stream of truth divine, taking a form. 
This knowing is felt with the polished heart, inviting us to remember our journey of inner exploration where the sound of our heart guides us to that all pervading silence of existence. Connecting all that is.
In the sanctuary of a sound bath, when we surrender to the sounds often times we forget the attachment to our physical bodies, allowing the waves of resonance to carry us beyond the limitations of matter, into the realm of pure consciousness.
As we embrace the spirit of renewal and rebirth that is in the air today, let us celebrate the infinite potential of our journey. May this Easter season be a time of joyful surrender, remembrance, true love and intimate connection with the essence of life.
We are so happy and grateful to share that we have the new collection now online in the shop (we will add the rest of our stock in the next week - however all the bowls from the Gem Show are now online).

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